Unite talents, turn venues into social places and create moments that live forever.

From Dust to Horst

It was one of these foggy evenings, which makes an exciting starting point for any great story. As we opened that heavy metal door, we walked into a mysterious stairway shrouded in complete darkness. The lights of our mobile phones cut cones into the night and little dust grains were dancing in the air. By this point, we could already feel that something was special here. We opened the doors to the one and only Horst for the first time, the same doors that would be opened again and again for Vienna’s most sophisticated techno people.

From Horst to Inc.

Everything begins with the desire to experience something new. And Inc is no exception. Our goal has always been to create unique moments that will last forever. Inc. is one next step of our journey. Employees, companions, friends, investors, partners, musicians, and creatives from various fields made it possible for Inc. to become Vienna’s hip hop living room. Just feel that beat. It might change your life forever.